We are 7 to 1 Photography

People Watcher | Animal Lover | Poet

Learn about Kelly’s journey with 7 to 1 Photography and her diverse skill set. 

  • Establishment and Background: Kelly founded 7 to 1 Photography in 2014 after transitioning from an administrative career at a Perth university. This move allowed her to pursue her passion for photography full-time.

  • Photography Focus: Initially specialising in animal and family photography, Kelly expanded her services to cover events, branding, content creation, and image library work. Her freelance work with the Community Newspaper Group for 5 years added to her diverse experience.

  • Versatility: Kelly is recognised as one of Perth’s most versatile photographers. She has extensive experience in capturing dynamic imagery for events, pets, families, and content creation for various clients, including government, not-for-profit organisations, and corporate entities.

  • Collaboration with Sam: Kelly’s wife, Sam, serves as a dedicated animal wrangler for 7 to 1 Photography. With a background in dog training and five dogs of their own, they specialise in photographing families with their pets, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for clients.

  • Poetry and Photography Fusion: Kelly’s perspective on photography as visual poems reflects her background as a published poet with two collections of poetry. This unique perspective likely adds an artistic touch to her photographic work.

  • Collaboration and Assistance: Kelly occasionally enlists the help of others for large or non-repeatable events, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to delivering high-quality services.

Overall, Kelly’s story paints a picture of a passionate and versatile photographer who goes beyond traditional boundaries to offer a unique and personalised experience for her clients.